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Metro Pcs Corporate Store Reviews

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  • metro pcs staff overdraws debit card

    I will never ever go to metro pcs on saxon blvd near i4. I went made a one time payment asshole their comes and takes two payments out. I go there on a saturday and he is on the phone with who the hells knows with who and asks if hey got one payment or two. He made such an amazing move. He thought i was stupid. Ok he is attending a customer, excuses himself makes a call probably tell the person on the phone jus go with the flo n pretends he is taking care of the first lady which he didnt even acknowledge n just shoke her hand to then tell me that it was just a one payment. Well buddy i... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Jesse2012's Picture   Jesse2012    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ads

    Ads. Just tons of Ads. I will be trying to reply to an important text, try to answer my phone, try to watch a video a friend posted on facebook or even try to type this in on my phone and an ad pops up, hindering my ability to do anything. It takes forever to load, do that by the time I get to that phone call, they've already left a message. And its not just that, but tons of ads. I've had 4 pop up writing to this point alone. Wait another just at the word "alone". And another just then. I dont pay $50 to get ads obstructing my phone use. In fact I am changing over to... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Bad customer service

    I went to to Metro PCS to upgrade my cell phone (same # better phone) and transfer another cell # (Metro too) to my previous cell phone. It was so easy and comfortable for the sales rep to sold me the new cell, case and activation fee for my son ($89.87) but when it was time to transfer my # to his previous cell phone ( $16.00) she was so nasty :( she put the memory card because I asked her for.....she didn't even put the phone back cover on or the case back on....I did it in the parking lot...:( When I went home and tried to go to voice mail set up, it didn't work.... I had to... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    mlebron2096's Picture   mlebron2096    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lousy, lousy, lousy service

    Well, these clowns have ONLY a voice-activated phone system. If you are not a monkey in a cage scratching under your arms, you may find this offensive--I do. Or, if you have ANY sort of accent (Hispanic, southern, New England, Bristish, you name it) it won't work. Their people are in Mexico--talk about sending jobs out of the country. They barely speak English and will accuse you of profanity if you use any "big" words: they hung up on me telling me I was using profanity. The word: anthropomorphic. Check it in your dictionary. THEY DROP VOICE MAILS AND TEXT MESSAGES.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    penny0314's Picture   penny0314    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bartow Metro Pcs off Hwy 17 and corp store in nort lakeland Fl

    I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy admire it was given a $50 rebate and a $20 rebate the only reason why I bought the phone. Knowing I was getting 70 dollars back with a good feeling having four kids. Didn't find out till it was too late that the rebate was expired call the gentleman at the bar to MetroPCS store and you told I've been called the corporate store in Lakeland and they told me that there was nothing they could do I see if I can trade the galaxy admire for an LG motion that is a hundred dollars then I would get my $70 dollars back and still a good phone. If this... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Amp777's Picture   Amp777    0 Comments   Comments
  • METRO PCS telephonic tour AND staff at call center 1-888-863-8768

    Rec'd a text re:change in Service and cancellation upon my request of Metro Guard. I used it to go through Assurian for a replacement of a 300.00 lg phone I loved. My choice of replacement was a CHEAP HuAWEI. Not worth 5.00 amonth to even insure.THis phone will probably need reoplaced when I Toss it out the window driving down a freeway due to another lost or cutoff customer. The phone however is better than the service I received whewn calling into the 1-888# above and speaking with two employees .THe first named RHONDA ID 6 ? @ 12:14 PST.talked to her for 10mins 11 secs.,... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    SG7274's Picture   SG7274    0 Comments   Comments
  • Warranty

    I bought a phone about four months ago and the ear piece adapter fell inside the phone and its rattling and I cant use my ear phones. I took the phone to the corp. Store in Hollywood florida to be told I have a small scrath on the face of the phone so it forfeits my warranty. Im sorry, but thumbs up to all the wireless companies the follow through with their warranties. A decent phone is not cheep. And because of my migraine issues I'm a good caniddate for a blue tooth!!!! Im dissapointed Metro, big time!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    nevurgivup's Picture   nevurgivup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Boardwalk passes

    While watching the Giants game on Comcast Metro Pcs advertised a free boardwalk pass if you went in and tested the smart phone. I went to 3 different stores, and by two of them were told to go somewhere else. The 2nd one was a corporate store 6110 BIRDCAGE CENTER LANE CITRUS HEIGHTS, California 95610 Phone: 916 474-1839 At least the 3rd place I went called and his boss didn't even know about the add. Sad thing when you are giving away free things, people can not get what you advertised. Really why would I do business with a company like that More...
    unhappyX10's Picture   unhappyX10    0 Comments   Comments
  • More than upset, ENOUGH!

    I have been a customer with Metro PCS since I arrived in Texas in 2006. At first with the cheap reliable phones it was no problem. Now you bring on the top shelf and pass on defective junk to your customers and just ripping off the public. It makes me sick that we have these problems in america. I bought this android phone, went back to tell them it has issues (constantly locking up and rebooting in the middle of any and everything)and what was there response? we will have to get you a refurbished phone. I laughed "yeah right, good one" I said. They were not kidding!!!! I spent... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Verybent1's Picture   Verybent1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Samsung Freeform II

    I had originally bought Samsung SCHR350, after a couple of months phone completely froze for no reason, took to Metro PCS Store, was told only thing I could do was to pay $60 and upgrade phone, so I did, got SCHR360. I did not know at the time I could return to Samsung to be fixed. A few months after that the Memory on the 360 would not clear. Took phone back to store and was told by Zimarious, supposedly someone who works for "coporate" that they were aware of problem however it was Samsung's problem and all Metro could do was to pay for upgrade or purchase a memory card.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    movgirl's Picture   movgirl    4 Comments   Comments
  • Metro Pcs complaint

    I would like an answer for the following, How can a customer for over two and one half years go into a Metro Corporate store and bye a new phone at full price only to find that the phone does not work. After contacting the metro store and doing the trouble shooting steps Metro finds that the phone was defective within seven days and then tell me that I can not have a new phone which is what I paid for and that my only option is to take a used phone. So, ok , I pay for new and get used is used not sold at a discounted price? Then tell me that I need to contact the maker of the phone which I... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    duwan2023's Picture   duwan2023    0 Comments   Comments

    I mistakenly tried to buy a phone from the store on 1405 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY 10033 and was harassed, grabbed, and exposed a very unethical and circus like environment. This location is more of a bar than it is a cell phone store. I walked in, and was approached by two employees who stood no more that 3 inches from my face and proceeded to verbally harass me in an attempt to get me to purchase a phone. Another 3 people in the store were openly drinking liquor, listening to loud music and yelling obscenities. One of the girls came very close to my face and said pointed to the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    cada's Picture   cada    1 Comments   Comments
  • bad

    Bought a brand new cell phone at a Metro pcs store for my son. Two weeks later the screen randomly goes white. Returned it to the store where i bought it however they do not take returns. Brought it to the corporate store they indicated that i have to send it to the manufacturer after 2 weeks of use. I said i would buy a new phone to replace it while they try to get it repaired, the manager indicated that he cannot be responsible for the phone if I leave it with him for repairs. I said i have 2 other lines but this line is for my disabled son he said it does not matter rules are rules. Dont... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    citationpilot's Picture   citationpilot    1 Comments   Comments


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